H265 Demo
ADC2 Technologies software works with your current compression technologies to improve quality of video data transmission, reception, and storage over lower bandwidths and at significantly lower costs.

H265 Demo

This is another demonstration of the capabilities of ADC2 Technologies to work with any existing or future codecs to significantly increase their capabilities for video compressionby factors of 3 to 10 while maintaining the visual quality of theoriginal videos.

This kind of performance can be verified in the Demo pages of this Website including this H265 Demo page by streaming/downloading any of the examples presented that have been obtained from the HEVC Test Sequences which are the standard videos to evaluate the capabilities of new video processing technologies (ftp://ftp.tnt.uni-hannover.de/testsequences) specifically the H265 codec.

When any of this Demo page videos is downloaded to some directory in the user computing device, it can be played by the Video Player installed as indicated in the Demo page. Then,the size of the downloaded file can be divided by the measured time of playing the video which gives the bandwidth required to stream such a video in real-time.   Note: The standard HEVC Test Sequences have no Audio.  They are just Video Sequences. These files are set up for downloading and viewing at the end of downloading and repeatedly thereafter.

416 x 240 at 40 Kbps


640 x 360 at 50Kbps


832 x 480 at 210Kbps


1024 x 768 at 250Kbps


1280 x 720p at 320Kbps



1920 x 1080p at 550Kbps


2560 x 1600 at 670Kbps


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