Our vision is to deliver great digital technology to TV set top boxes, desktops, and mobiles for entertainment, education, telemedicine, security, and business and personal communications using minimum available broadband resources.

digital video compression

See examples of HD 1080p video at 1Mbps on the Quick Demo page.                   

The digital universe continues to grow at an amazing rate, doubling every two years and expected to reach 3 million petabytes by 2020.  As digital technology has advanced the storage and transmission of these technologies has fallen behind.  ADC2 Technologies has developed industry leading data compression software to solve this problem while lowering costs, improving user experience, and opening up new applications that otherwise were not available with the current infrastructures.

ADC Technologies utilizes powerful algorithms based on Wavelet Transform Technology for which a US Patent was awarded in October 2011.  This software that can be easily and inexpensively ported to hardware has been developed not as a new standard that others must conform to, but as a complementary processing that can make all existing codecs much more powerful.  ADC2 works with digital media encoded by any standard video codec to decrease compressed file sizes by up to 90% with no loss of perceived video quality.

In addition to advantages in storing and transmitting video data, ADC2 technologies can also process individual frames to enhance and expand these images up to 1000x without pixelization or any other type of artifacts.You can experiment with such unique image enhancement / expansion capability by visiting http://www.adc2.net .  Just click on this link.

ADC2 Technologies leads the way in digital media storage and delivery over all kinds of communication channels by providing its partners and customers with the capability of the most efficient media compression for real time delivery and highest visual quality resulting in unique services such as HD 1080p video over wireless communication links.  ADC2 partners realize significant cost savings in storage costs, transmission costs, capital equipment expenses, and hidden expenses for power, air conditioning, and support.

Reduce costs by up to 80%


Reduce file sizes to 10% of original compressed file


Stream HD 1080p video at 1Mbps


Enhance and expand individual frames up to 1000x


Transmit and receive security video over satellite in real time


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